About Us

Our story begins with a man called Ed.

Ed lives for music! 

He writes his own songs and travels the length and breadth of the country performing them to anyone with half an ear and a pinch of curiosity. Music is his life and performing LIVE is when Ed is most alive.

But Ed is plagued by the one common problem it seems all artists endure, the tangled cable box. 

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving to a gig only to be met by spaghetti junction when you go to setup.

That’s why Ed started Cablebear. A simple, practical solution to the inevitable problem of transporting a multitude of cables to and from gigs. Ed’s noble steed and creative business partner Adam was enlisted to tell the visual story of our product, as well as working with up and coming artists to develop a platform from which they can tell their own story.

The Cablebear is designed to help you organise, carry and store your cables in a neat and simple way so that they are tangle free when you come to setup. 

Cablebear is created for artists by artists, and we want our brand to be the voice for musicians, DJs & producers so that you can do what you do best, create!

Our philosophy is simple: 

Stress Less, play more.

Love from the Cablebear team.